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Solve This Common Service Follow-Up Challenge with Text

I’m willing to bet that 9 out of 10 service managers have team members who’ve experienced the following (and hate it): A service advisor calls a customer to provide an update, remind them about recommended work they initially declined, or follow up about something else. The customer doesn’t answer. Not surprising. Who answers their phone […]

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8 Reasons Service Departments Really SHOULD Be Texting

It’s no big secret that people like to text. It’s no big secret that more and more businesses—like dealerships—are texting with consumers and vice versa. Yet even within those texting dealerships, there are often those who just feel that mobile messaging isn’t right for them. We’re looking at you, service department friends. Don’t get left behind! Instead, […]

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How to Capitalize on Car Buyers’ Mobile Moments

The defining moment for your dealership isn’t a purchase or lease. It’s all the little moments that lead up to those sales. I’m talking about the “micro-moments,” as Google calls them. Mobile moments. The times when we need to answer questions or complete tasks…and turn to our smartphones. Make a meaningful, human connection during these […]

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