Why Answering Dealership Chats & Texts Is His Answer to Closing More Deals

The missing puzzle piece to close deals

What works for one company may not work for another. That’s why there are common debates about which messaging approach is best—have someone else manage it all, do it all in-house or a mix of both—let alone which vendor to use. But at Windsor Chrysler in Ontario, there’s no question left in Steve Desjardins’ mind.

“I’ve used several chat solutions,” recalls the General Manager. “Not only did they not allow my team to answer, they didn’t answer for us very well. But we’ve been seeing the best results since we switched to Contact At Once!’s co-managed solution two years ago.”

We recently sat down with Steve and discussed why he’s such a believer in personally connecting with customers (especially when it happens via text or chat).

Q: Why do you think you’re getting better results now?

Steve Desjardins: It’s a combination of good people, good technology and the fact that we can use that technology the way that best fits our dealership’s and customers’ needs. To me, the ability to self-manage the conversations is valuable. We know our customers the best! Contact At Once! helps my sales team connect with those customers and answer their questions, but we still get the after-hours backup needed to assist people who reach out when the dealership is closed: the Contact At Once! managed chat team treats those customers the way we would.

Q: So would you say using the Contact At Once! chat and text solution has improved the consumer experience? What about sales?

SD: We sell at least 5-8 cars per month that we can attribute back to Contact At Once!, and the consumer experience has improved significantly for both customers and sales reps! In fact, I recently set up the entire sales department to use the texting software; it’s just the way to go. I’ve had employees text me, saying they were able to sell a car from their own couch! It’s really a great experience for everyone involved. (Even I love getting the conversation transcripts; I read every single one.)

Q: What do you like most about using Contact At Once!?

SD: I can 100% say that my favorite part about using Contact At Once! is my dealership’s ability to self-answer and self-manage our customers, with backup when we need it. Today’s customers want answers right away, and they can tell the difference between talking with a robot or a real person…even over a chat or text message. Contact At Once! makes that personal connection quick and easy, so we can take care of our customers and keep them coming back.