8 Reasons Service Departments Really SHOULD Be Texting


It’s no big secret that people like to text. It’s no big secret that more and more businesses—like dealerships—are texting with consumers and vice versa. Yet even within those texting dealerships, there are often those who just feel that mobile messaging isn’t right for them.

We’re looking at you, service department friends.

Don’t get left behind! Instead, check out the following 8 reasons why texting is a powerful solution for fixed ops, courtesy of Melissa Commons, our Business Development Manager and previous service department employee:

  1. You can remind customers of their appointments.
  2. You can remind them if they’re past due and need to schedule said appointment.
  3. They can have a quick, convenient conversation from that reminder text if they have questions or need to reschedule (no annoying, “call us back” next step).
  4. You can follow up via text with customers who call in, and get faster responses.
  5. You can record and text pictures/videos of recommended repairs.
  6. You can get faster RO approvals from such texts, especially handy if customers are in meetings and can’t call to approve additional work.
  7. You can keep track of all such approvals and service conversations with powerful reporting and CRM integration.
  8. You can find out how the service visit went and remind them about the CSI survey.

The moral of the story? If your dealership isn’t texting interactively with consumers, you should. If your dealership isn’t texting interactively with all types of customers (sales AND service), you should. And if there’s a team (or team member) at your dealership who isn’t texting yet, get them on board!

For more of Melissa’s tips and insights (and how to get started), check out her full article on LinkedIn.