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[Video] What Homebuyers Are Trying to Say


Today, it’s simply not “easy” for interested buyers to talk with you (at least not the way they want). So they put it off, and you lose.

Forward-thinking real estate teams, builders and other businesses have been listening. They’ve learned—from the lips of consumers themselves—what they really want: mobile messaging.

They Want Mobile Messaging.
So Here’s How You Win With It.

From text to chat, Facebook Messenger to Google’s click-to-message ad extensions, your team can easily engage homebuyers earlier in their home search. Plus, using the communication methods consumers prefer (and already use quite a bit) means you increase inquiries, interaction rates and better guide their selection. In fact, over 87 percent of shoppers in our 2016 Consumer Survey say they’re more likely to buy from businesses that offer mobile messaging.

This “conversational commerce” is the direction busy consumers are trying to go. Meet them there! Check out the full Consumer Survey report to see why messaging is the perfect place to start.

Want more? Swing by Contact At Once!’s Learning Lab at Inman Connect (Edson Room, January 17-19) for demos and discussions on how to win these mobile moments.

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on January 10 2017