Push and local notifications are a key factor that make the experience better for consumers – they never have to stay in your app or keep the window open as they will get a proactive notification as soon as a reply or notice is available.

deviceTokenToken received by the didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken method call
notificationThe notification received by the app
  • Register this device with the ContactAtOnce servers to receive push notifications.
    public func registerForPushNotifications(deviceToken: Data)
  • Determines if a notification is a Messaging notification – returns: Bool
     public func isMessagingNotification(_ notification: UNNotification) -> Bool
  • Handles the push notification on behalf of the app. If the notification is determined to be from Messaging, the NotificationDelegate.didReceiveMessagingPushNotification method is called.
     public func handlePushNotification(_ notification: UNNotification)

Configuring Push Notifications

You application must be registered with the ContactAtOnce! platform in order to receive notifications. Please reach out to your account manager for assistance with this step