Mobile Agent Client Presence Overview

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ContactAtOnce! uses the concept of ‘presence’ to drive many aspects of the application. Presence is the concept of a person ‘present’ at their computer or other device with which they may answer consumer chats. ContactAtOnce! mobile clients now allow sales agents to be ‘online’ or ‘present’ from certain mobile devices including Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod devices.

Mobile Agent Presence
ContactAtOnce! mobile agent clients allow sales agents to identify themselves as ‘online’ and ready to answer chat sessions. The mobile agent clients provide a login option. The login screen will ‘log in’ the mobile device for a defined period of time, ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours.


Once logged in from the mobile agent client, that sales agent will be ‘online’ for the specified duration. At the end of the specified time, a local alert will be presented that allows the sales agent to extend the online time.


Relationship to Desktop Presence
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ContactAtOnce! manages individual sales agent presence appropriately. The following chart summarizes the presence status implications of the mobile agent client and desktop client for a given sales agent.

Summary of Mobile & Desktop Presence Implications for a Sales Agent

Mobile Client StatusDesktop Client StatusAggregate StatusChat Requests Sent To
OnlineOnlineOnlineDesktop & Mobile
OfflineOnlineOnlineDesktop & Mobile

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