Toyota Camry, Ford & Chevy Brands Top Contact At Once! List of Most Chatted About Vehicles


Number of online shoppers who chat with dealerships increases 60 percent over same period last year.

Contact At Once! released its semi-annual list of Most Chatted About Vehicles today, with the Toyota Camry on top for most dealer chats generated so far this year. Based on data derived from 3.2 million chats hosted between consumers and dealerships, the top 20 list also includes several trucks and SUVs—supporting industry analysis predicting a 2013 resurgence in their sales—along with American classics, the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang.

The list order is based upon the number of times a specific vehicle was mentioned by shoppers as they conducted online chats with car dealers. As shoppers research the vehicles they’re interested in on dealership websites, OEM websites, online classifieds, etc. that use Contact At Once! software, a “Chat Now” greeting invites them into real-time conversations, so they can ask questions.

The adoption of chat as a means for connecting car shoppers with dealerships has steadily grown since Contact At Once! pioneered software that enables real-time two-way communications in online ads among a network of dealerships and online marketplaces a few years ago. Contact At Once! projects its software will facilitate close to 7 million real-time conversations between shoppers and merchants in 2013 alone.

Adding Contact At Once! chat or Mobile Text Connect—a product that enables texting from a variety of media to a dealership—measurably boosts connections with online shoppers, typically by 25 percent or more.

2013 (January-June) Top 20 Most Chatted About Vehicles:
Toyota Camry
Chevrolet Silverado
Chevrolet Camaro
Ford F150
Ford Mustang
Ford Focus
Nissan Altima
Hyundai Sonata
Honda Accord
Honda Civic
Chevrolet Cruze
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jaguar XF
Honda Pilot
Chevrolet Traverse
Ford Fusion
Kia Sorento
Jeep Wrangler
Toyota Sienna
Jaguar XJ

*Based on Contact At Once! chats from January 1, 2013 – June 30, 2013.

Contact At Once! software boosts engagement by making it easy for consumers to connect with auto dealers and ask questions at the moment their interest is piqued. More engagement can translate into more sales, and that’s why 12,000 dealers, the world’s busiest automotive classified sites and many automotive manufacturers rely on Contact At Once! to build relationships with online shoppers. For more information, visit

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