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How (& Why) to Personalize Chat Invitations with Photos

photos add a human element to digital interactions

Despite society’s fascination with chatbots and automation, studies show that people want to connect with a real person. They just want to do it on their terms. That’s why we believe in combining the technology that makes life more convenient with a personal touch!

For example, including a photo on your company’s chat invitation can influence website visitors almost subconsciously. It helps your agents (the people responding to the chatting consumer) gain trust. Websites with personalized photos and happy smiling people also tend to have higher conversion rates. In fact, conversion rates may double when photos are used.

So if you don’t already use photos in your Contact At Once! chat invitations, we highly suggest it!

Quick Steps to Add “Agent” Photos

The Contact At Once! administrator for your company can do this for all existing agents in just a few steps:

  1. Ensure you’re logged into the Contact At Once! customer portal with admin credentials.
  2. Click the “Provisioning” tab; then “Provision Agent.”
  3. Find the agent’s name and select “Edit” in the action column.
  4. Browse for the photo and upload. (Photos should be 110×110 pixels and in a .jpeg or .png format.)
  5. Don’t forget to click save after uploading the photo.

If you’re an agent and want to update your own photo, it’s just as easy:

  1. Log in to the Contact At Once! customer portal; hover over the “Settings” tab; select “Agent Settings.”
  2. You can also access the this page through your desktop app: Right-click the boomerang; choose “Options” then “Portal” and “Agent Settings.”
  3. On the Agent Settings page, you’ll see an option to upload a photo.
  4. Follow steps 4 and 5 above!

Note: If you’re cross-assigned to multiple accounts (answering chats for multiple companies or locations, for example), you’ll need to ask your admin to add the photo.

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Written by: Natalie Gullatt on January 20 2017