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Contact At Once! Adds Real-Time Talking Points to Live Chat Platform


PureCars Launches Plug-In to Give Dealers Value Attributes While Conversations Are In Progress

Contact At Once!, the leading provider of automotive live chat, has launched new integration capabilities in its platform that allow authorized partners to provide sales messaging and talking points to dealers while they are engaged in a chat with a prospect.  The first partner to announce a plug-in is PureCars, an automotive research company that helps consumers clearly understand the value of vehicles they’re considering, while assisting dealers in effectively promoting the value benefits of their inventory.

The integration allows dealers who are mutual customers of Contact At Once! and PureCars to see on-the-spot intelligence from PureCars Value Reports while they’re engaged in a chat. “Our subscribers can now see Top Value Highlights whenever a chat is initiated from specific used vehicle listings,” says Jeremy Anspach PureCars, CEO and Co-Founder.

Other new features include chat photo greetings on PureCars Value Reports available to consumers from the detailed car listings on a dealership website.  “We’re providing additional incentives for shoppers to chat, build relationships with dealers and potentially stay on dealer websites longer, which is proven to increase conversions,” says Anspach.

Marc F. Hayes, Contact At Once! Co-Founder and executive vice president believes having highly relevant information at their finger-tips during a chat can help dealers differentiate themselves.  “Today’s consumers search a variety of websites and have more information available than ever before,” says Hayes.  “Our new platform equips dealers with contextual information while they’re chatting, so they can better market their vehicles to discerning consumers and enhance the shopper experience.”

Contact At Once! is the only automotive chat provider whose software scales to many different websites simultaneously, allowing auto dealers to create an interlinking web of branded chat connections on the sites where consumers often research cars.  Contact At Once! chat is deployed on online ad sites, OEM sites, dealership websites, social media sites, regional classified listings, vehicle research sites and more.

“PureCars Value Reports appear on vehicle detail pages within subscribing dealer websites providing a complete value-focused overview on each pre-owned vehicle in a dealer’s inventory,” says Matt Lamoureux, PureCars Director of Business Development.  “Value Reports emphasize each vehicle’s top value highlights which can range from local price competitiveness to in-demand optional equipment, certification, reconditioning, and even dealership reputation from customer reviews. By developing deeper integration into the Contact At Once! Chat Connect platform, PureCars will be able to equip dealers with real-time information allowing them to build value and confidence at the very moment they are engaging in conversation.”

Contact At Once! customers can access the PureCars plug-in from within their customer portal.  Partners who are interested in developing plug-ins for the Contact At Once! platform can initiate a chat now, or call 866-358-3880.

Contact At Once! pioneered the use of live chat in automotive advertising, enabling more connections between online shoppers and sellers than any other chat provider.  More than 12,000 dealers, the world’s busiest automotive classified sites and many automotive manufacturers rely on Contact At Once! to build relationships with potential buyers and increase their return on advertising investments.  For more information, visit

PureCars ignited the concept of “Value Shopping,” helping consumers clearly understand the value offered by the vehicles they’re considering, while assisting dealerships in effectively promoting the value benefits of their inventory. PureCars Value Reports, found on the websites of the most progressive auto dealers, provide customers a complete value-focused overview on any pre-owned vehicle; from local price competitiveness to in-demand optional equipment, vehicle reliability through certification and reconditioning services, and dealership reputation from customer reviews. The PureCars SmartComments tool further promotes these value benefits by pushing powerful custom vehicle comments to all inventory listing sites, including the dealer’s own website. Completing the value shopping loop, PureCars Trade-In Reports take just 30 seconds to complete. PureCars asks online shoppers a few simple questions about their trade, and they instantly receive a PureCars Trade-In Report with an estimated value on their vehicle, and the dealership receives a quality trade-in lead. At PureCars we believe ‘Value. It’s More Than Just Price,’ and our fully automated, cost effective digital products prove this daily at thousands of leading dealerships nationwide. For more information, please visit or call us at 877-860-7873.

Written by: Aaron Hassen on February 7 2013