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How to Weave Facebook Messenger into Your Messaging Network

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on November 16 2016

With over 1.65 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a behemoth you need to befriend…and put to work for your business. That means going beyond having a page for people to stumble upon. It means having a live presence, where you’re always ready to connect and help consumers take the next step. Thanks to recent […]


10 Text & Chat Tips for the Best Digital Interactions

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on November 16 2016

  Chatting or texting with friends and family is second nature to most of us. But throw it into a business context, and we all tend to have a question or two about the best way to handle various situations. It’s common! In fact, we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions right here…with […]


Consumer Survey Infographic: An Easier Homebuying & Renting Process for All

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on November 15 2016

Property management and real estate in general are industries that thrive on referrals, which are fueled by good experiences. But what constitutes a good experience evolves with technology…because technology can change our expectations. For example, we, as consumers, increasingly expect to engage with your real estate or property management team wherever we are, however and […]


Meet Your New Mobile App: How to Download, Set Up & Go

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on November 14 2016

  One of the biggest benefits of mobile messaging, from chat to text, is how convenient it is for the consumer. And it can be just as convenient for your team, even if you answer some or all of those conversations in-house. That’s why we completely redesigned Contact At Once!’s mobile app! With a streamlined […]


Unsung Heroes: The Team That Trains for the Best Chat & Text Results

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on October 24 2016

“Practice makes perfect.” We’ve all heard that phrase, and it’s true no matter what you’re learning, from driving a car to playing an instrument…or learning a new software system. But it’s hard to practice if you don’t first have help getting started or someone to guide you along the way. Luckily, if you use Contact […]


How to Customize Your Shortcut Messages

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on October 24 2016

As hard as it is to capture people’s attention, it’s easier than keeping said attention! You have to answer consumers’ questions faster than ever, or risk them abandoning the conversation before you even get the chance. This is where Contact At Once!’s shortcuts come in handy. A shortcut is a saved, prewritten message that “agents” […]


Shoppers Can Now Text You From Google Ads. Are You Ready?

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on October 18 2016

    Google just made it possible for consumers to text with businesses right from an ad. Similar to the popular click-to-call and site extensions that already existed for AdWords marketers, these new “click-to-message” (CTM) extensions have been in beta for months and are being introduced in the coming weeks. (In fact, Contact At Once!, a […]


Unsung Heroes: The Contact At Once! Product House “Olympians”

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on September 27 2016

Even though the 2016 Olympics just ended, I’m already anxiously awaiting the 2020 games. I love seeing the spirit that drives each athlete. While most may live relatively unknown (until they hit it big in advertising sponsorships!), I think they all shine like heroes during their events. That’s how I feel about the Contact At […]


The “Magic” Formula for Overcoming Auto Shoppers’ Objections

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on September 21 2016

Psych! There is no magic formula to win every customer’s heart, much as we may wish for one. But don’t just give up at the first sign of contention. Consider steps you can take to appeal to those who raise objections or have doubts during the selling process, especially during a chat or text conversation […]


5 Things That Make a Live Chat Conversation Successful

Written by: Ed Parkinson on September 21 2016

A good sales conversation has similar components regardless of how it takes place: Phone call, in-person meeting, chat, text, etc. Just take a look at this real-life example, a chat that came in from our own website at 9:32 p.m. a few weeks ago. Can you pick out what the sales agent does to make this […]


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