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How to Connect More Meaningfully (Even at Your Community BBQ)

Written by: Michelle Young on May 24 2016

If you connect through food, you’re not alone. Recipes are passed down through generations. More often than not, you went to dinner on a first date. Your mom sent care packages of homemade brownies when you were feeling homesick or made chicken soup when you were actually sick. Through food we show love. Through food […]


8 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader No Matter Your Role

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on May 23 2016

Leadership isn’t about having a certain title. (Remember Martin Luther King Jr.’s “street sweeper” speech?) Great leaders can be found everywhere, in every role. That thought was reinforced during lunch a few weeks ago when my co-workers and I shared stories about what makes a great leader. The people we talked about weren’t all CEOs […]


How to Record & Text Videos in Contact At Once!’s Mobile App

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on May 23 2016

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video must be priceless—especially with all the online research customers do. Videos are super easy to create and share with them, though! First, your Contact At Once! solution must include text (also known as Mobile Text Connect or MTC). Does it? Good! Now you can record and […]


Unsung Heroes: Making Your Mobile Messaging Experience More Personal

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on May 20 2016

You don’t always buy a product or service simply because the company has a great support or customer service structure in place. But it is a powerful reason you remain a customer, am I right? Consider this: A few years ago, a friend hired a company to replace her house’s siding. What amazed her most was how […]


It’s a People Thing: Why This Dealer Says Mobile Messaging Is Vital to the Customer Experience

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on May 20 2016

What defines your dealership isn’t just the vehicles you sell—numerous dealers sell the same thing. It isn’t just your location—there are often many nearby competitors, not to mention the growing number of online buying options. It also isn’t just your price. In fact, over half of car shoppers in AutoTrader’s Car Buyer of the Future […]


Is Your Sales Team Tired of Answering Service Department Chats? Try This

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on May 18 2016

Imagine jumping on an incoming chat or text request to help a ready-to-buy shopper and bring him into your dealership. Only he isn’t interested in buying. He has a service question. Sigh. That’s not to say car buyers don’t use mobile messaging. You’ve seen the numbers and experienced the sales results! And yes, you know […]


Lincoln Property Company’s Marketing Partner of the Month

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on April 27 2016

You might have heard the news (we’re shamelessly proud of it): Lincoln Property Company (LPC) chose Contact At Once! as their April 2016 Marketing Partner of the Month! We’re beyond honored to receive this recognition from the second largest multifamily manager in the U.S. And it got us thinking: Why would a mobile messaging company […]


How Property Text & Chat Fit into Resident Retention

Written by: Michelle Young on April 26 2016

You’re hip. You’re up to speed on the latest tech. You know to be available right where prospects are looking, which is why you have chat and text options on your website. Such prospects are curious: “How big are the bedrooms?” “Do you have a pool?” “What kind of equipment is in your gym?” And […]


CDK Global & Contact At Once! Team to Offer Auto Shoppers Customized Website Experiences

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on April 18 2016

Through a first-of-its-kind initiative, CDK Global, provider of integrated technology solutions for more than 26,000 vehicle dealerships and the industry’s largest data warehouse of shopper behavior, will partner with Contact At Once!, a LivePerson Company, to share behavioral data that enables delivery of dynamic and customized experiences for website visitors. Contact At Once!, the automotive […]


Podcast: Don’t Fall for These 3 Myths About Contact At Once!

Written by: TJ Simmons on April 13 2016

Contact At Once! has been the leader in automotive mobile messaging for over a decade. When you hold a position like that, competitors are bound to take shots and create myths in an attempt to gain ground. Ed Parkinson, a veteran on our team and in the industry, wanted to set the record straight about […]


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