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4 Rules for Better Property Text & Chat Results

Written by: Ryan Lucia on August 20 2015

  It’s pretty simple: People message more than they call, as this LivePerson infographic illustrates. And guess what? That includes your current and prospective residents, which is why letting them chat or text with your property management team can bring in results like these: “With our young target demographic, property text and chat have become […]


How to Use Chat and Text to Win With Service Customers

Written by: Ed Parkinson on August 6 2015

Taking the car in for maintenance is not one of drivers’ top 10 favorite pastimes, but it can be made better or worse by what you do…or don’t do. And the stakes are high: Service and parts made up 46% of dealerships’ gross profits on average in 2013, yet dealers are losing service customer after […]


4 Ways to Improve Chat & Text Results at Your Dealership

Written by: Ed Parkinson on August 5 2015

The results are in: People message more than they call, as this LivePerson infographic illustrates. And guess what? Car buyers message too, which is why letting them chat or text with your dealership can bring in satisfying results: “Whenever I get someone in on a live chat, it is 99% of the time a deal,” […]


How This Sales Rep Earns ⅔ of His Appointments via Automotive Chat

Written by: Aaron Hassen on July 14 2015

Car sales is not for the faint of heart. Rampant competition, buyer distrust and a constantly evolving purchase path can make it difficult to stay motivated. So here’s your encouragement for the day: Meet Cody O’Quinn, a sales and leasing consultant at Addison GM (Mississauga, Ontario), who arms himself with information and a winning attitude…then […]


Top 3 Goals for Automotive Chat & Text (Plus How to Succeed)

Written by: Aaron Hassen on July 9 2015

A lot of talk around automotive chat and text focuses on who responds: dealership staff or an outside team managed by a vendor. Each has its pros and cons (which is why Contact At Once! suggests a co-managed implementation), but it’s how you respond that counts the most. Whoever answers, digital conversations should result in […]


Property Management Tips for Making Chat & Text Conversations Pay Off

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on July 9 2015

Property managers see the ideal communication method as one that boosts efficiency, eases stress and helps provide amazing customer experiences. Digital messaging checks off all those boxes…when handled correctly. Use these ideas to help your chat and text conversations pay off even more. Know Your Goal(s) for Each Conversation Some think the main problem to […]


[Infographic] How to Pick the Best Dealer Text Solution

Written by: Aaron Hassen on July 7 2015

Adding text messaging as an official part of your follow-up and/or engagement process isn’t a tough choice. Just look at the stats and dealer surveys. Here’s the difficult decision: Which text solution should you choose? The following infographic sets the table with a feast of features that can help you achieve the best results: Simple ways […]


Acton Toyota: The One Change That Improved Our Online Customer Experience

Written by: Aaron Hassen on June 2 2015

Any change in the “way things are done” can seem daunting at first. Trying a new technology or switching up your lead process, getting everyone bought in and up to speed…it can feel like lot of extra work. So why do it? As Justin Brun, Director of Marketing and Ecommerce for Acton Toyota and co-founder […]


7 Ways to Encourage Team Buy-in for Chat & Text Messaging

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on June 1 2015

As you might imagine, we’re big believers in instant messaging for the multifamily industry: mobile text, chat, etc. No matter how great a messaging solution you invest in, though, it’s only as good as the people using it. You need team buy-in. When a team values such digital conversations, each member tends to pay attention, respond […]


Top Tips for Using Chat to Schedule Appointments & Tours

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on June 1 2015

Let’s assume that you’ve added instant messaging like chat to your community website, listings, social media and so on. What are your goals when a prospect actually chats in? Obviously, you want to provide a wonderful customer experience (quick answers to their questions can help). Many also use Contact At Once! chats and texts to accomplish […]


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