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Android Mobile Chat App From Contact At Once! Now Available


Contact At Once! brings their innovative mobile chat app to the Android platform, complete with new streamlined registration, the ability to manage multiple chats and more.

Contact At Once!, the leading provider of automotive chat, has released Contact At Once! for Android, its first native Android mobile chat app. Now available in Google Play, Contact At Once! customers can download the app at no additional fee.

The new app allows dealers to respond to more leads and prospects on the go, thanks to the ability to log in and out of Contact At Once! chat software directly from their Android devices. Users can manage multiple chats at the same time and see shoppers’ search context, including geolocation, site of origination and other contextual data. The app also supports the Contact At Once! Mobile Text Connect add-on, a product that allows users to receive, respond to and track shoppers’ text messages via their Contact At Once! chat solution.

Many mobile chat apps make shoppers wait while sending a push notification alerting an agent that someone wants to chat. Contact At Once! for Android remains logged in and running in the background to help agents answer faster.

“We’re always focused on helping our customers enhance their online presence and shopper experience,” says Marc F. Hayes, Contact At Once! co-founder and executive vice president. “Being able to use their chat solution no matter where they are and respond the instant shoppers have questions are integral components of that.”

Contact At Once! chat users can download the new Android app from Google Play. Activating the app and connecting it with an existing Contact At Once! account is simple, thanks to a new registration process that emails an activation code directly to the user. Call Contact At Once! support at 866-358-3880 or chat now to learn more.

Contact At Once! software boosts engagement by making it easy for consumers to connect with auto dealers and ask questions at the moment their interest is piqued. More engagement can translate into more sales, and that’s why 12,000 dealers, the world’s busiest automotive classified sites and many automotive manufacturers rely on Contact At Once! to build relationships with online shoppers. For more information, visit

Written by: Aaron Hassen on June 12 2013